Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hope everyone is having an excellent weekend.

I am still dabbling with organizing my office/studio. Still trying to find ways to arrange everything to make it functional. I still need to find a way to work in a play area for my parrot. He has to always be int he same room with mom or he tends to drive my husband nuts while he is watching TV. I currently have a very simple PVC pipe arrangement, but it isn't able to hold multitude of toys to keep him occupied and let me work. But space is an issue, not much room in here with the computer hutch, 30 gallon aquarium, work table, shelves for my bins of bead and jewelry making supplies, file cabinet and bins of bird toy supplies. I am sure will will take me a month of Sundays to find a configuration that works.

I finished a pendant and am working on a ring. I have a few project ideas running through my head which makes it hard for me to complete the items I told myself I an going to do before starting anything new.

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