Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giving this a shot

All of this blogging, twitter, etc is a new experience for me. Computers have always been necessary for my work, Word Processing, databases, etc. of the daily grind. However, about a year and a half a go, a friend and I started making magnetic bracelets. After scoffing at others and their magnets for years, I finally had to eat my words (yuk). I found they really did help with my arthritis. Then the beading and jewelry bug hit me hard. I started expanding from just the basic magnetic bracelets, to earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. I have really enjoyed this avenue of creativity. However, I am so envious of all those that I have admired their wire work and only wish I can get half as good as they are.

My poor husband has to endure all of my "see what I made this time". He really has been good natured about it all. Hasn't complained too much when he steps on a piece of errant wire embedded in the carpet.

I ask you all to bear with me and I learn about this new blogging process. Thank you and check back often. Hopefully I won't bore you too much.

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